New Contributor
New Contributor

 Need to add the the user group in the below query to search the third party(requester) raising the request for the other user.



select CONCAT(ev.ENTITLEMENT_VALUE, ', ', ev.ENTITLEMENTID) as ID from entitlement_values ev join entitlement_types et on ev.ENTITLEMENTTYPEKEY = et.ENTITLEMENTTYPEKEY join endpoints e on e.ENDPOINTKEY = et.ENDPOINTKEY and e.DISPLAYNAME = 'Salesforce Dev New' where ( (ev.entitlement_value like '${user.entity}%' or (ev.entitlement_value like 'RIC%' AND ('OVH' = '${user.entity}' OR 'OTH' = '${user.entity}') )) OR ev.entitlement_value='Read Only' OR ev.entitlement_value='Clienteling Grp SA' OR ev.entitlement_value='Clienteling Grp SM' OR ev.entitlement_value='Admin User Management' OR ev.entitlement_value= 'L2 Support' OR ev.entitlement_value='L3 Support' OR ev.entitlement_value='System Administrator' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC Ambassador' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC Team Leader' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC CS Manager' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC eComm Operation' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC HQ Manager' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC LD Manager' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC Manager' OR ev.entitlement_value='RICBA_CRC_Temp' OR ev.entitlement_value='Retail OPS' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC Management' OR ev.entitlement_value='RICBA_Host' OR ev.entitlement_value='CRC Collaboration Partner') and et.DISPLAYNAME = 'Profile' and ev.status=1 order by ev.entitlement_value


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @akumar98 

Please add the accounts, users and user_groups table in the above query


Also where exactly are you trying to use this query