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Specifying connector_id on EXTERNAL_SOD risk analysis

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hello ,

can you help me with a specific point on SAP GRC integration.

We would like to specify on EXTERNAL_SOD_EVAL_JSON field the conenctor_id.

When i used "CONNECTOR_ID"=”${endpoint.disaplyname}, then I request an enterprise role on a specific application that contains 2 entitlements that are attached to different endpoints, the SOD risk is calculated on the different endpoint systems.

I need to analyze SOD risk only on the endpoint of the requested application, this will be the role endpoint requested.

Have you an idea for the syntax to i have to use to call request or role endpoint ? I already used ${task.endpoint?.endpointname}, ${role.endpoint?.endpointname}, ${requestAccess.endpoint?.endpointname} but doesn't work.



  • Task object is not exposed.
  • you need to raise idea ticket for same
  • For any desired improvements or enhancements to this process, Saviynt encourages you to submit your proposal through Saviynt's Ideas Portal at

    Your valuable input is crucial to shaping the evolution of Saviynt systems.

    Please notify us once the idea ticket has been created.

Rushikesh Vartak
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