SOD Management (Various Client Requests)

New Contributor
New Contributor
Our client has various enhancements requests while managing SOD's and mitigations, are any of these currently possible:
1. They would like to be able to apply a filter on the mitigating controls screen based on the country the mitigating controls will be created for(They will be using a specific naming standard to create the mitigating controls)
2. Can a approval workflow be trigerred when a new mitigating control is created?
3. When assigning a mitigating control, can the approver be automatically populated based on the user being assigned's line manager?
4. Is there a way to attach documentation to a mitigating control?
We are also experiencing an issue in getting the correct rights assigned to the SAV Role to create mitigations:
1. When searching for the owner of a mitigating control during creation the GRC users do not get the drop down list of the available users, the drop down stays on the value "Searching",  what access right do we need to assign to the role for this to work?


Thank You


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

1. For the first point, if you are not using business process then you may want to try creating a business process per country and assign that to a mitigating control. Then you can go to advanced search and make your search based on business process.

2.  For the second point, It is an enhancement that you can submit on ideas portal. 

3. Can you please provide more details on the Third point eg where are you assigning the mitigating control and also which approver do you want to assign and where do you want to assign.

4. For the fourth point, are you looking for attaching a document while creating a mitigating control? If yes, then that is not supported and can be raised as an enhancement.

Also, as far as the search is concerned, it will not give you a drop down list. you will have to enter atleast 1 alphabet for the filtering to show you certain results. There is no additional access needed that would give you a drop down list. 

Hi ParitaSavla,

Thank you for the response. We will submit the enhancements requests were applicable, just on the last point.

It does not matter what I try and enter into the search filed, username, firstname etc it does not bring up the list of users. It will just display searching My admin account works correctly.





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

For the search issue, please open a Freshdesk ticket as it may need further analysis of logs and developer tools to identify the issue.