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Single Windows Server (IIS, Saviynt App) for different Domains

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi All,
We are integrating 3 AD and each reside in different network and there are 3 exchange servers in each network.
Can we use one Windows Server (IIS, Saviynt App) for provision/deprovisioning exchange accounts?
Could you please share the best practices to achieve this requirement?

Note: I have gone through the Saviynt document - Understanding the Integration between EIC and Windows Server (





Integrating multiple Active Directory (AD) domains and Exchange servers from different networks into a single identity governance and administration (IGA) solution like Saviynt can be a complex task, but it's certainly achievable. Here are some best practices to consider:

  1. Network Connectivity and Firewall Rules: Ensure that there is proper network connectivity between the Windows Server running IIS and Saviynt application and all the Active Directory domains and Exchange servers. Configure any necessary firewall rules to allow traffic between these systems.

  2. Service Accounts and Permissions: Set up service accounts in each Active Directory domain with appropriate permissions to perform provisioning and deprovisioning tasks in Exchange. These service accounts should have the necessary permissions to create, modify, and delete user accounts and mailboxes in Exchange.

  3. Cross-Domain Trusts: Establish trust relationships between the Active Directory domains to facilitate cross-domain authentication and authorization. Depending on your network architecture, you may configure either one-way or two-way trusts between the domains.

Rushikesh Vartak
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