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Show the privilege Parent entitlement has for the child entitlement in the Certification

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

Hi All,

We are integrating GitHub application with Saviynt EIC. We have two entitlement types 'Team' 'Repositories'.

Teams have access to Repositories. So there is a Parent-Child relationship between these two i.e 'Team' is the Parent entitlement and 'Repository' is the Child entitlement.

But the problem is that Teams have certain level of access to Repositories.

For example:

There is a Team 'XYZ Siebel RW'. This Team has the 'write' privilege to the Repository 'IT-SiebelHub'.

In the access certification the Parent-Child entitlements are displayed. But how do we display the level of access(privilege), the Parent entitlement(Team) has to the Child entitlement(Repository)?.


Is there any way this can be impemented?. The Audit Team is raising concerns that how will the certifier know what privilege the Team has to the Repository. From the naming convention of the Team - 'XYZ Siebel RW' we can understand that this Team has write access to the Repository(IT-SiebelHub)..but we cannot rely on that and this is not enough. The audit team want that this 'privilege' should be displayed in the certification.

How can we design this?. Please advice.


Atul Singh



This is not supported and certification pages are not customizable. Upvote below idea ticket

Rushikesh Vartak
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