ServiceNow Catalog Item Description/Short Description Overwritten

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In the ServiceNow app, if you customise the Short Description or Description for an access request Catalog Item, it gets overwritten when the recurring Accounts or Entitlements import happens.

This is unexpected behaviour (to me). We were told by Saviynt that any customisations we made to the Catalog Items would be preserved.

The issue is that the Account/Entitlement scheduled jobs always execute the x_saviy_iga.ApplicationHelper.importAllApplications() function before running.


This function contains another function called  syncCatalogItem which forces the name, description and short description into the Catalog Item.



This behaviour baffles me - why would a data sync job also update the Catalog Item definitions. There should be a way to disable or modify this behaviour.

It also makes no sense to force the same endpoint description into both the short description and description fields. We want our short description to describe the purpose of the Catalog Item and the description to provide detailed guidances around how to submit the form and what to expect (it is also a Rich Text field which allows us to include formatting and links).

The x_saviy_iga.ApplicationHelper script include is read-only since it's part of the Saviynt application - so we can't comment out the offending code.

So, at the moment our best option to mitigate this is going to be to have another scheduled job when puts the short description and description back to how we want them. Crazy.

I know that I'm going to be told to submit an idea for this but, I'll ask, does anybody see the same issue or have a better workaround? 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @BarCar 

Thanks for reaching out and also thank you for creating the idea in the ideas portal

I also would like to inform you that we already have this improvement in the pipeline to have this fixed in the future release.

For more guidance, see the 
documentation in our knowledge base.

Link in Idea opens

This link is part of some sample text from a hypothetical Catalog Item description.

I deliberately included a bogus link because I wasn't going to link to one of our internal knowledge base articles. The destination of the link is not relevant to the idea.


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Regular Contributor

Is is possible to participate in the design process for this fix? The way the current Catalog Items are generated is pretty sub-optimal.