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Service now -Staus and sub status

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Team,

We developed a REST connector to integrate a custom ticketing system for the ARS request management of customer applications. 

With help of ticket status json we can able to get the RITM status into saviynt, but we had requirement to capture the sub status of RITM into the saviynt 

For Example In RITM Status is Closed and sub status is Successful; rite now in saviynt we are able capture only Status like Closed not the sub staus Successfully.

Like above example we have status and sub status combination as follows:



Sub Status





we need to capture both in the provisioning comment for the respective tickets.

Teram need your suggestion  


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Mervinr 

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please help me understand the use case?

Are you looking the close the tasks based on the sub status field? If so, you need to define the correct path (to read the sub status) in the ticketStatusPath in the JSON.

Please refer to TicketStatusJSON in the below documentation


Hi SaiKanumuri,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am looking for both status and sub-status for the task.

I tried connecting with service now admin to get the sub staus path as you suggested, and it worked fine.

Our use case is to show both status and sub status in the task, so I tried to use the user array in the API call like below.


But Saviynt is not picking up both values; if we use any one, it is working.

Suggest us how to use show both status and sub status in the task.




Hello @Mervinr 

We had a similar case, but we were informed that as part of ticket status path there is no option to fetch both status and substatus value.

At the end we were left out to use sub status values as it provided more granular information.

Manish Kumar
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New Contributor
New Contributor

Thanks, Manish; I conveyed the same to the client.