Service accounts in Entitlement Owner /Application Owner Campaign

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Is there a way to load system/service accounts into an Entitlement and or Application Owner Campaign? We are aware of the Service account campaign option, but we would like to have service accounts to be under one campaign and not 2. Is this Feasible 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @William3squivel ,

Thanks for reaching out.

You can include multiple service accounts in Service Account Campaign.

Can you elaborate on the use-case for including Service Accounts in EO/AO campaigns?


We currently conduct 2 campaigns simultaneously, Because of this we would like to minimize the additional campaign being communicated to members for service accounts. Are current campaign platform allowed users to certify privigled entitlements on a user's and service account level in one campaign, while here it suggests we need a different campaign for service accounts only. Is there a way to combine both privileged accounts and service accounts under one campaign?

@William3squivel : Entitlement Owner will include all type of users(regular account & service accounts) which are members of entitlements that goes through certification process. But,

  • In case if you have certain entitlements which are not part of EO certification and any service account that are part of such entitlements then you will not review them at all.
  • Similarly if service account is not part of any entitlement then also you will not review the service account.
  • Also entitlement owner certification will not let you take any action on the service account if you intend to(like disable/delete).

So it is purely depends on what is the that you want to review on service accounts.


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would this also apply with an Application Owner review (regular account and service accounts) will be included? 

Yes, all the accounts part of the application will be included in the application owner campaign (even orphan account) by default. You can always use advance query incase you want to filter out anything.


Devang Gandhi
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