Service Account Queries

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I am looking for information around service account integration.

Note - I have gone through the link but some of the questions were unawered. So looking for inputs.


1. How/which gsp page can be used to grey out the account name field ?

2. Can the service account name be auto generated based on the service account name rule at endpoint level ? instead of generating name baed on dynamic attributes ?

3. For example, my service account name is {dyn attr}-user.systemusername, how can we use the requestors user attributes in the account name rule ?

I tried to print the system user name as dynamic attribute and then uses it in the act name rule, but thats not working



4. There was a suggestion to edit gsp pages in previous post, will saviynt help in tracking the changes and move to upper env or retain changes during upgrade ?





#1 you can't grey out - gsp is not exposed

#2 No

#3 ${REQUESTOR} variable you can try

#4 Service Account gsp change is not recommended gsp change