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Service Account Name Rule

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

For the Service account, we have a rule like "SVA_Snowflake-${Country}_${USERNAME}###INCREMENTINDEX###" which takes the country and username (which are dynamic attributes) from the service account request form to generate the account name. Can we configure where the account name should develop based on the requestor's country, username, or other attributes? If yes, can you guide me?



Hi @Mortal ,

Can you try 

  • ${requestor} 
  • ${requestor.username}


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Regular Contributor

Hi @PremMahadikar,

getting the error "Account name not generated. Please verify rule and dynamic attributes or enter name manually" using above attribute. 

Those variables are not exposed in service account name rule



Rushikesh Vartak
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@Mortal ,

As dynamic attributes are working in accountnamerule.

Workaround would be to create dynamic attribute for requestors username/country etc to auto populate and then use it in accountnamerule.

select username as id from users where userkey =${requestor}


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Thank you @PremMahadikar 

The above query is working fine, and the attributes are populating automatically, we can generate the account name based on that.