Sending email for user manager certification

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I have configure user update rule with in that rule I have set action as a launch certificate also I have assign email template, Now I am not getting that email even when I am running email job still I am unable to get the email notification. 



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Hi @Shubham_More ,

Can you share the email template and user update rule screenshot.


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Hi @Shubham_More ,

If you want to notify manager after campaign launch, why you are notifying it through Update rule.

You can launch campaign using update rule and notify directly through campaign itself instead of update rule. To notify manager/certifier on campaign launch add email required template in Create Email Template inside Configurations-->Basic Campaign Notifications.




Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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Email is attached to user update rule or certification ?


Please check below points:

Can you please check below?

  1. Check if SMTP connectivity is working from Saviynt? You can check this by sending one test email to your id.
  2. If SMTP is working then can you check if the email id is populated on the certifier Saviynt profile.
  3. Also first try with basic email templates without any binding variables in the email template. This will help you to troubleshoot the issue and also confirm that basic email functionality is working as expected or not.
  4. Check the status of the job. It should be success.
  5. If still the emails are not delivered then please check the logs and see the error.
  6. Once it works with basic email template , then add other dynamic binding variables in the template.


Note: In order for the email to be triggered , the email template should be attached in the campaign config while launching it and also the campaign should be in "In Progress" state.

Devang Gandhi
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