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Sending a link to new user where they could set their initial password

New Contributor
New Contributor


When a new user is created in saviynt, is there any way to send them an email with a link for setting their initial password? Does anything like this exist? Can the invitation process be used for this?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Invitation-based onboarding of users where users are invited to register themselves for onboarding. The process is initiated with minimal information that requires only the email address of the invitee user. The invitee user receives an invitation email that contains a link to an un-authenticated yet secure user registration form that must be filled in with the required user details.



Note: The invitation based onboarding requires licensing. 


You can use Email template 

Configuring EIC Password Reset Email

You configure this email template to inform that password is reset.

Sample template:

<% if (null!=user.email && user.email!='') print"${user.email}" else print"${user.secondaryEmail}" %>Email


Hello ${user.firstname} ${user.lastname},

This is to notify that your password is reset by - ${changedBy.firstname} ${changedBy.lastname} (${changedBy.username})
<% if (changedBy.username==user.username)print ""
else print "New password is - ${password}"%>


So once the password has been reset, user has to reset password while logging in for first time after password reset.



Rakesh M Goudar