Saviynt support embedding SSO url for the Okta apps ?

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Hi Team - 

In our Saviynt implementation, we are planning to integrate Okta with Saviynt in a way that we should be able to request all the apps in Okta from Saviynt.

This is how end user's experience for requesting access will be 
  1. Okta apps which support SSO only will appear as apps in Saviynt
  2. All the provisioning enabled apps which have Push groups will appear as an App and additional set of entitlements in Saviynt
  3. Hybrid app, which would need IT Admins to configure users in the end system, would appear as App to the end user. Requesting that will result in an app request in a jira ticket in the backend
Ask is, in OOB implementation
  1. Does Saviynt support embedding SSO url for the apps, so users can request and login from Saviynt ?
  2. For the end user, can we change the view of their access similar to the view in the ARS Module of Saviynt ? Attached Pic for reference

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@SapnaKumariAd ,


The use case you're looking to achieve is not possible in saviynt. As per my understanding, you're looking to onboard sso enabled urls of multiple applications as entitlements under okta application. Once onboarded, you're looking to request access and directly login to those URLs from saviynt.

You can integrate okta as an application and if you'd like to request access for the other applications through saviynt, you should integrate those applications with saviynt as target systems. But the use case cannot be achieved in EIC.

If you think my understanding is not accurate, kindly elaborate on your business use case.