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Saviynt for ServiceNow App, where to get bearer and resfresh token to use in App?

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi, wondering where the proper place is to pull the Bearer and Refresh tokens that are meant to be shared and used with the saviynt for servicenow app?

I pulled those currently from the Webservice Authentication Config page in Admin module but those values look to change when everytime I hit generate. Is that expected or am I supposed to pull these from somewhere else?

Relevant doc section:


Says to obtain from saviynt admin and I am not aware of any other way to pull the bearer and refresh token.


  • You can get from postman or rushikeshvartak_1-1716258087375.png


  • You can get from web from Web service authrushikeshvartak_0-1716258019073.png


Rushikesh Vartak
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