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Saviynt connector to onboard oracle xstore in c;loud

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

We want to know if Saviynt has a connector to onboard oracle xstore in cloud.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @MahimaMahajan,

No, Saviynt currently does not have out-of-the-box support for Oracle Xstore.


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oracle xstore  provides REST API hence you can use Standard REST Connector.

Oracle Xstore Cloud offers a REST API for various functionalities, including user management. Here are some of the key aspects and typical operations you can perform with the REST API for user management:
  1. Authentication and Authorization: Secure your API calls with proper authentication (e.g., OAuth tokens or API keys).

  2. User Creation: Add new users to the system with required attributes like username, email, roles, and other necessary details.

  3. User Retrieval: Fetch user details by user ID or other filters to get user information like profile data, roles, and status.

  4. User Update: Modify user details such as changing passwords, updating profile information, and modifying roles.

  5. User Deletion: Remove users from the system when they are no longer needed.

  6. Role Management: Assign or revoke roles for users, which controls their access to different features within Xstore.

Example Endpoints

  • Create User: POST /users
  • Get User: GET /users/{userId}
  • Update User: PUT /users/{userId}
  • Delete User: DELETE /users/{userId}
  • Assign Role: POST /users/{userId}/roles
  • Remove Role: DELETE /users/{userId}/roles/{roleId}
  • Here's the link to the Oracle Cloud REST API for Users and Groups: Oracle Cloud REST API for Users and Groups.

    For more detailed information on the Oracle Retail Xstore Suite and its cloud capabilities, you can visit the Oracle Retail Xstore Suite documentation: Oracle Retail Xstore Suite (Oracle Docs)​​ (Oracle Docs)​.

Rushikesh Vartak
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