Saviynt Connector for Gsuite - best options / capabilities?

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(Full disclosure I posted this as a ticket, and I was asked to post it to the forms for crowdsourced answers)
I am attempting to set up a GSuite REST Connector for our DEV environment, Ideally, I only want to use 1 connector for GSuite that addresses all of its functionality.
I need the connector to do the following things:
  • Create a new user email
  1. For new Employees, this would generally trigger after technical rules as a user update rule.  Pass email, firstname, lastname to google.
  • Update user email
  1. To update firstname, lastname, email address AND for terminations (rename username_old@) this would be triggered by an update rule
  • Assign email groups
  1. these group assignments would be for email groups as well as permission groups in Google Drive.  Assigned via update rule expected mostly from ARS
  • Remove email groups
  1. these group removals would be for email groups as well as permission groups in Google Drive.  Removed via update rule, expected from ARS and Terminations
 Nice To Have
  • Transfer Ownership of Google Drive Documents from 1 user to another
  1. This would primarily be used in a Termination flow, assigning a user's Drive data to their manager in most cases.  Currently, we take the entire drive and drop it in the manager's drive in a top-level folder called "username"
  • Add Alias Emails
  1. If a user needs additional email alias we want to be able to do it from here.
  • Add User to Another Account as a Delegate
  1. Several Service Accounts require us to add users as account delegates for security reasons rather than sharing service account passwords.
  • Delete Users Calendars
  1. On user termination we delete users calendars to keep company calendars clear of clutter, and dead meetings.
Currently, we do all of this via GAM scripts or PSGsuite leveraging Google API's.  
I want this to be a single connector if possible to reduce points of failure with our connectors.  Currently, I believe REST is our best option, but if you can provide complete documentation and instructions for another connector template to make this work I am open to trying it out!
Both of these separately do not appear to fulfill our needs.  The guides are very long and in several cases outdated with terminology and reference fields that are either not in the Saviynt Connector templates or in Google anymore.  There is no specific guide for setting up a GSuite REST connector, and the references within these two articles are incomplete leaving us trying to guess and fill in the rest of the information.

Looking for advice on which connector we should use to best align with our needs, and supporting documentation on how to configure it to get the most out of it.  

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I know Google is not anywhere close to being a market leader for the enterprise these days, but surely others have some feedback to share? OP, did you make any progress on this integration?

Sadly no.  We spent about 2 months working on the Google API connector(s) - (I tried making it work with all of them, the best I ever got was basic email provisioning, but it was unable to update attributes or deprovision properly.) before we decided this along with a number of other outstanding problems shook our confidence in the system.  And turned us away from the product after a year of building integrations and configuration before ever going live.


Saviynt does provide custom jar connector if google provides api then you can write custom jar and achieve your use cases

I appreciate the insight but this is an area of improvement for Saviynt if the Google integration is weak. Competitors (Okta) have very easy out-of-the-box connectivity for Gsuite that work well. As customers of both, personally we would choose the path of least resistance/least customization even though we would prefer to consolidate to Saviynt.

Areas to improvement needs to taken as Saviynt Idea route. You can refer forum link to idea portal

Please submit this idea on Ideas portal