Saviynt App for SNOW : Configuring the Saviynt App Catalog Items

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We are working on the saviynt app integration / config for snow and have some questions on the overall integration.

We have configured the system properties for data import properties + user link properties + others so the data for applications , users , entitlements and other objects is loaded in snow saviynt app.

Questions are as follows -

1. We have 30 SS and EPs in saviynt and there are 3 Sec Sys which have the WF attached in saviynt. Now according to documentation as soon the application is imported in snow app, it will be visible in catalog. "Whenever ServiceNow imports an endpoint, the Saviynt App for ServiceNow creates a corresponding item in the Service Catalog defined in Saviynt Properties. "

now only 2 apps are visible in the end user request via the "request application access order guide" not all the apps

is it necessary to have a WF setup aagainst Sec Sys so that the endpoint is visible in request application access guide ?

NOte : we have the request approval process to be fullfilled in saviynt

2. the entitlement types / requestable entitlements are not visible on the second page of "request app access order guide" page shows blank after we selected the application in page 1.

The entitlement types are requestable and have table as option in saviynt.

3. I am able to request for a role from the saviynt > service catalog > roles in the snow saviynt app, but when the request is submitted, its getting cancelled immediately with error "API_ERROR unexpect error occured", we have a role request WF present in saviynt already

4. the role request from #3 shows open from the request list page in snow, but when we open the request is shows cancelled.

Appreciate any inputs on these Qs.

Saviynt reference doc -


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi Srikanth,

Please find the responses below

1. It is mandatory to have the workflow configured for the security system. otherwise, the API response for endpoint status will return as Inactive.

2. Please check if the variables are present in the catalog items. If not, please check if the table Item_option_new has the below permissions assigned.

Please follow the below instructions to generate the variables.

  1. Change the Scope from Global to Saviynt IGA
  2. Navigate to All -> Saviynt IGA -> System Definition -> Tables


  3. Look for item_option_new using the filter under the Name Columnsaikanumuri_1-1684446831934.png


  4. Open the variable to navigate to the Application Access tab under the variable.
  5. Ensure the variable was provided with the below permissions Can read, Can Create and Can Update


  6. Navigate to All -> Saviynt IGA -> Catalog Items and delete the corresponding catalog item

    Note: Deleting the catalog item will remove all the customization. Please check with the customer if any customization is present for that catalog Item.



  7. Navigate to All -> Saviynt IGA -> Saviynt Scheduled Jobs and execute the job SAVIYNT_IGA: Generate Catalog Items for Applications.
  8. Validate the job status by navigating to All -> Saviynt IGA -> Job Logs where you can find the job details.
  9. Once the job is completed, navigate to the catalog items and validate if the variables were generated.


  10. Once the variables are generated, the fields will appear for the end user in the request form.




Reference Documentation:]

3. Please check and share the response code, error from the outbound logs