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Sav4Sav Documentation

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello everyone,

I have seen that many use case solutions go through implementing the Sav4Sav connector, I have not seen any documentation related to the connector and when I select the "documentation" link in EIC when I try to import the connector it directs me to a fleshdesk page where I do not have access.

Is there any documentation on how it works and what useful uses can be given to this connector?

Thanks for your help!



@Ivan5533 Refer below documentation link for SaviyntforSaviynt

Understanding the Integration between EIC and Saviynt (saviyntcloud.com)


Below are the use case of this Integration.

  1. Managing the Saviynt Users performing create user operations.

  2. Updating Saviynt Users attributes with update user operations.

  3. Adding SAV roles to the Saviynt User where he can login to Saviynt.

  4. Terminating the Saviynt User using remove account operations.

Sumathi Somala
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Hi @SumathiSomala ,

could you please explain why we need SAV4SAV connector. I have gone through documentation but I'm not getting the clarity on what's the need of.

In which scenario we go for this connector?.

If we update accounts here, will it going to update user in saviynt?

what about data import it will import users data from saviynt/or accounts. ?

Why we have entitlement tabs in endpoint, do we really use this here?


Please try to answer the above questions.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Thank you @SumathiSomala  ! 


@Ivan5533 Please find link :

About this Guide (saviyntcloud.com)

Manish Kumar
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