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SAP Account data full import

New Contributor
New Contributor

We have requirement to import all the sap account with below information

  • Tcode
  • auth object
  • Associated entitlement
  • Parent- Role
  • Role

We have successfully imported the auth object details but tcode values we are not able to do. Any assistance is appreciated.

Attaching ss for your reference.


Thank you,





Key SAP Tables and Relationships

  1. TCODES:

    • Table: TSTC
    • Description: This table contains the list of all Tcodes in the SAP system.
    • Important Fields:
      • TCODE (Transaction Code)
      • PGMNA (Program Name)
  2. Roles and Authorization Objects:

    • Table: AGR_1251
    • Description: This table contains the authorization data for roles.
    • Important Fields:
      • AGR_NAME (Role Name)
      • OBJECT (Authorization Object)
      • FIELD (Field Name)
      • VALUE (Value for the Field)
  3. Roles:

    • Table: AGR_DEFINE
    • Description: This table contains the definitions of roles.
    • Important Fields:
      • AGR_NAME (Role Name)
      • TEXT (Role Description)
  4. Role Hierarchies (Parent Roles):

    • Table: AGR_AGRS
    • Description: This table contains information about composite roles and their child roles.
    • Important Fields:
      • COMPOSITE (Parent Role)
      • SINGLE (Child Role)

Rushikesh Vartak
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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @vyadav,

Please validate the requested details and let us know if further assistance is needed.