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S/4 Profile Import - Recognize Profile Type in Saviynt?

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hello everybody,

via S/4 HANA connection, we imported the S/4 profiles into Saviynt.

In S/4, there are three types of profiles: Single profiles, composite profiles and generated profiles (generated based on the SAP role).

Is there a way to see what kind of profile it is in Saviynt? Is this type stored in Saviynt?

Thank you! 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @VicyB 

No, there is no direct way to show composite profiles / generated profiles. Everything will be displayed under entitlement hierarchy in the account. If you see a nested profile hierarchy, it is a composite profile. Please find screenshot below for example. You can also go to the profile from the entitlements page and you can see the profiles mapped to the parent profile in the child entitlement page.