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Role default approver

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi All,

I am trying to implement concept called 'Role default approver' in Global Config -> Roles.

Any link on this how it works? few questions:

1. How the request go to Default approver if role owner is not available?

2. Can I redirect the request to Default approver via Workflow?

3. Or can I notify Default approver via email in case role owner is not available?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @n_p123 ,

Did you try Escalation in workflow?


Link to doc - Workflow Components (

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@PremMahadikar  Thanks much!

How the username will be picked up from Global Configuration-Roles-Role Default Approver?

@n_p123 Can you check this post on follow up comments from @PremMahadikar 

Solved: Approving role requests - Saviynt Forums - 2675

Manish Kumar
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New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Thanks @Manu269 for the response! 

The post doesnt talk about Global Configuration-Roles-Role Default Approver. How to use that functionality?



Hi @n_p123 ,

Yes, there are two options below:

1. Use global configuration->roles->Role default approver: This is when there is no role owner assigned for the role requested, the approval will be assigned to this default user mentioned in global configuration.

Link to doc - Configuring Roles (

2. Use Escalation in workflow: When there is role owner assigned to the role and request is not approved for N days. Please use escalation to define N days in workflow and route it to default approver (user or user group) using custom assignment block. (Like shared above)

Link to doc - Workflow Components (


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@PremMahadikar the first option doesnt go to the default approver assigned at Role config but to Admin

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

@n_p123 , If workflow is assigned, please remove it and check.


@PremMahadikar  As per the requirement, approval process has to be, first manager then role owner. If role owner is not available or not assigned, it should divert to Role Default Owner. So, Workflow has to be there.

@n_p123 ,

Then 1st configuration wouldn't help here. Remove this config.

Going with second approach, using workflow: Try below setup and let us know.


Note: You can add escalation as well to this workflow


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Thanks a lot @PremMahadikar for all the support you have provided. I appreciate it. A big thank you to you!! I will check the second approach.

Just out of my curiosity, 'Role Default Owner' doesnt work with WF, correct? When a role is requested, it will go to Role owner for approval, if not, go to Default owner?

@n_p123 , using the workflow, which is shared above, if role owner doesn't exist then it will go to 'Default Owner' using custom assignment block.

If 'ifelse' wouldn't differentiate the roleowner check, then request will be always routed to 'admin'.


@PremMahadikar thanks for the explanation. I have understood the workflow shared by you.

Another scenario, in what kind of use cases, Role Default Owner can be used and how the default owner gets notified about the request. Just in case if I have to use it in future. 

when there is no owner then default owner should be notified

Rushikesh Vartak
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