Restrict to assign a used email address to a user

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Is there a way to restrict a new user from getting assigned to an email address that was initially assigned to an old user?

Use Case : We have a requirement that when the company of the user (say John Doe) changes, their email address is updated. That is, if user was in company ABC initially then their email was, but after their company change to XYZ, their new email would be, which would reflect in the email attribute of the user.

However, since is no more in the Saviynt database anymore, as it was replaced with, hence the duplicity check does not work here and the new user with same name is assigned , which we do not want.

Any workaround on how to achieve this? Does saviynt check the secondary email attribute of users too while checking for duplicate email addresses while generating email addresses?

Let me know if any further explanation is needed.




saviynt store this information in user_attributes table. so uniqueness will be maintained


If the old email has been updated and the email property of the user has been updated with a new value, will the old email still be in the user_attributes database?

We tested and saw that the old email of the user if no more attached to the user profile, can be assigned to a new user who fulfils the criteria

So is it working ?

It is not working,

A new user with the same firstname and lastname gets assigned to an old email address which was once used by an old user.

Saviynt does not determine duplicity here because that email is no more in user database

You can add entries in user_attributes so saviynt can check


@AshishDas I even have same kind of use case. Do let me know incase you get some clarification around the same (if any)

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