REST: ImportAccountEntJSON config to ignore accountsNotInImportAction

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our customer has a couple of integrations to different endpoints where they are importing from a custom form created in the endsystem which includes accounts that have been updated recently.

For example this ServiceNow integration where we have configured the URL like so: /sys_user?sysparm_query=sys_updated_onRELATIVEGT%40dayofweek%40ago%403",

Since the accounts are never deleted from ServiceNow there isn't a need to set the account state to 'SUSPENDED FROM IMPORT SERVICE'. As we would just re-activate the inactive ServiceNow account.

Is there a configuration that we could use ex.

"statusAndThresholdConfig": {
"accountThresholdValue": 100,
"accountsNotInImportAction": "NOACTION/Ignore"

that would ignore accounts that aren't in the import.


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Roni Ylärakkola


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

If its a rest connector you can use "inactivateAccountsNotInFile": false under accountparams to stop the account being suspended.


according to Saviynt documentation:

inactivateAccountsNotInFile: Instruct the connector to mark the account as inactive or SUSPENDED FROM IMPORT SERVICE. When set to true, accounts that are not imported during import are marked as Inactive. When set to false, accounts are marked as SUSPENDED FROM IMPORT SERVICE.

Configuring "inactivateAccountsNotInFile": false, would set the accounts as SUSPENDED FROM IMPORT SERVICE.


any other suggestions?



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@RoniYla If you set the inactivateAccountsNotInFile = true, it will only Inactivate the accounts and that should represent the same status as in the target application. In an event when this account is Re-activated in target, it will be pulled as part of the import data and the Inactive account in Saviynt will also get activated (as long as the value for the key field does not change in target)