Requesting Application Roles only by Endpoint owner

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Hi Team,

We have a requirement which need to be implemented for the one of the application suppose let us consider 3 Application Roles




all the above three roles are tagged to one of the endpoint let us say Application-1.

For the above endpoint we have an endpoint owner let us say Owner-1

So the criteria for all the end users is not to submit any kind of self-role request under Application-1

Only Endpoint owner has all the authority to add those 3 roles to the end users from the Request Other Tab.

Can someone let us how to achieve this requirement the visibility and adding roles to the end users should be done by Endpoint owner not from any end user .


Sri Ranga



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

If the endpoint itself need to be restricted from request for all the users except the endpoint owner, we can use the access query in the endpoint configuration with condition of user where'endpoint owner's email'  

However, it will apply to all the users and entire endpoint will not be visible to the users except the endpoint owner.