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Request only 1 entitlement per user : Radio option issues

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Usecase: A user should only be able to request 1 entitlement at a time. If they try to request 2nd entitlement, a remove access task should be created for the 1st one. I have tried the Drop Down(Single) option and it works, but the requirement is to use Radio option.

I tried the "Request-Option" as "Radio" but there are few issues that i faced.

Issue 1. I see additional unwanted entitlements in Radio option

Example, I can see and request for "Channel Sales Reps" when using Radio option but when using table or drop down


The Config for Requestable Entitlement in ARS is ev.description !='' and the entitlement "Channel Sales Reps" has no description populated, so it should not be requestable.

Issue 2. There is no search option

the only way to search for an entitlement is Ctrl+F which is not ideal. The table option has a search bar and the drop down option also has it.

Issue 3. No way to see description of the entitlement while requesting

In table, we see the description below the entitlement name; in drop down we see the 'i' icon and description can be seen when we hover over it. But in Radio option there is neither of them.


Issue 4. The UI is slow

The time delay after clicking on an entitlement in the radio options till the time it gets selected and highlighted is quite significant. This is not the case with table or drop down.


Thanks & Regards,
Haardik Verma

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

@haardik_verma  Radio button it will allow one select , we can't go for multi select.

you go with Table format better approach

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Most used option is Table & Dropdown hence don’t use radio 


i have seen in other post this option are not working as expected

Rushikesh Vartak
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