Report to list Accounts imported from AD

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Hello all,

we have a requirement to pull the list of accounts created outside of Saviynt, say in AD. We want a report to show the accounts which are created and imported outside of Saviynt.

Ex- We have created 5accounts in AD but not through Saviynt and they are imported to Saviynt as part of reconciliation and we want a report to show those 5 accounts.

Could you provide any workaround for this.

Thank you.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


You can leverage analytics to achieve the same. There is column 'ARSTASKKEY' in the accounts table, if this is populated it means that the account was created by a task in Saviynt. If it is NULL, most probably the account was directly imported from the target application.

Schema Information can be found at -

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

You can modify this query to add any additional columns you need but basically what it will do it list out all account names not created by completed New Account tasks in Saviynt. Also add the endpointkey of the AD endpoint.

select name from accounts where name not in (select accountname from arstasks where endpoint=<ENDPOINTKEY> and tasktype=3 and status =3) and endpointkey = <ENDPOINTKEY>;


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