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Remidiation Import for Disconnection App

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello All,

I would like to understand if Saviynt supports Remidiataion Import for disconnection App

Use case is like below

1) Remove Access Tasks are created in pending task by Campaign

2) Get latest file from disconnected app owner about account_entitlement information.

3) Run Remidiation import with this file

Then, if there is no access found, then remove access task should be marked as "COMPLTED". If user still has access, then task should be updated as "DISCONINUED" or "NO ACTION REQUIRED"

I was told there is this feature in other IGA solution. I wonder if Saviynt support this feature to automate in updating task status.

Our audit team doesn't perfer to update task status manually by human. it should be updated by remidiation file import if possible