Register user form - attribute value not saved anymore

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I'm having issues with saving attribute value, when user selects a value from Organization dropdown org. code and org. name attributes are automatically populated. Organization should be saved in customer attribute, org. code in customproperty7 and org. name in customproperty8. Source/codebook for this data was imported into Organizations (customer table).2023-06-27_16-35-11.jpg


There are no issues with org. code and org. name attributes but for some reason organization attribute is not saved anymore, no changes have been made to register user form, it just stopped working. I'm not sure when this stopped working, I've only realized it recently. I would appreciate any advice.


organization query: SELECT DISTINCT customername as ID, displayname as inlinedescription from CUSTOMER AS C WHERE C.customerkey = IFNULL((SELECT customer FROM USERS WHERE userkey = ${requestor}), C.customerkey)





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

As you are saying it was working before and stopped working , please raise a support ticket will all details like when you last saw it working , in which version.