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Regarding hosting of SC2.0 client in customer env

New Contributor
New Contributor


In our project, there are different network for each and every environment, dev, prod, stage etc., I would like to understand how to deploy the SC2.0 agents in the customer network. Should we deploy the SC2.0 agent in different network dev, prod or hosting in single network and connect the different env tenants.

Please suggest.



Given the separate networks for each environment (dev, prod, stage), it is generally advisable to deploy separate SC2.0 agents for each environment. This approach enhances security, ensures isolation, and allows for environment-specific customizations and configurations. However, if network configurations and security policies allow, and if it simplifies management, a single SC2.0 agent with multi-tenancy could be considered, provided it can securely connect to all environments.

Assess your specific requirements, network policies, and security needs to make an informed decision.

Rushikesh Vartak
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