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Referenced Account Issue

New Contributor
New Contributor

Is it possible to safely change the Referenced Account value for an account?


  • Endpoint (A) has a child endpoint called endpoint (B)
  • Username = 4450 has an account in Endpoint (A) called "emp4450"

A bulk upload file was created for user 4450 to have a new account and entitlement in endpoint (B).  Unfortunately the row in the upload file had the wrong Account Name value for user 4450.  The Account Name was mistakenly set to "jsmith" instead of "emp4450". 

Since the parent endpoint (A) already had an account record of "emp4450" for user 4450, EIC automatically created a new endpoint (A) account called "jsmith", and a new account in endpoint (B) called "emp4450".  The endpoint (B) account was assigned "jsmith" as the Referenced Account.

Side note: When the endpoint recon job was run, the endpoint (A) account "jsmith" status was marked as "Suspended from import service" because it did not exist in the target endpoint system.


Is it possible to safely change the Referenced Account value from "jsmith" to "emp4450" for the endpoint (B) account?  Can I use the DBMAINT job to do this?

If so, would this resolve my problem?  If not, how can I resolve the issue?


EIC version:  v23.5



You can run custom query job to update referenced_accountkey in accounts table

Rushikesh Vartak
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