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Reference another endpoint from disconnected application

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Our team is attempting to sync AD record changes with a disconnected connector so that changes made in AD can update the account record (applying preprocessing for formatting as needed) of the disconnected endpoint.

I am aware we can reference the data and populate the data from another endpoint via userAccount.get(); however this requires a Groovy code embed which does not appear applicable in the disconnected connector workflow.

Is there a route to go about doing this? We are using a disconnected app to instruct staff how to provision users, and to automate the emails associated with external vendors provisioning these accounts.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@alanbixby , are you looking for options on how to get AD Account data to other applications which do not have any connection for importing data?

If these application accesses is governed by AD groups then you can use Endpoint filter in AD connection to achieve this.

If above does not suffice then please elaborate your business requirement with some examples.