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Refer to a specific certifier in advanced user query in campaign template

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Regular Contributor


Background information:

In campaign template settings, in part 'Select Certifier' we have chosen to use SQL query section that will fetch all users with a certain values in customproperty49.

The value in these user's customproperty49 is unique depending on in which branch of the company the user works at. Only one or two users per branch have the customproperty49 populated with this value. They are so called responsible person(s) for each specific branch and they should certify every user in their own unique branch.

E.g. branch 1 responsible(s) will have value 'branch1' in the customproperty49, branch 2 responsible(s) will have value 'branch2', etc. etc.

And every user will have their branch in the user info. So every user that belongs to branch1 will have 'branch1' in 'Company Name' attribute, and same for branch2, etc. etc. . But only responsible persons have this info also in their customproperty49.


I would like to know if it is possible to execute a following scenario in one single template:

Using the 'Advanced Campaign Configurations>Users Query'  in the campaign template, would it be possible to refer to the 'Select Certifier>Select Certifier From Manual Query' part's result? 

Users query would check if user belongs to the same branch as is stated in the certifiers customproperty49. And for each certifier would only be shown users from their own branch.

E.g. if 'Select Certifier>Select Certifier From Manual Query' selects person A for branch1 and person B for branch2, then 'Advanced Campaign Configurations>Users Query' would fetch only users in branch1 for person A and only users in branch2 for person B.


Thanks already in advance for any help!



You need to launch different campaign for different branch

Rushikesh Vartak
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