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"Does not work for me reassignment dashboard/ report view "

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello, my team is looking to capture the information on all the users that have selected the "Does not work for me" action during a user manager campaign in a report and possibly a dashboard view. Is there a way to pull out that information in a report and to whom the re-assigned manager is? 


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @HOMER333 ,

Thanks for reaching out. You can try the sample query below which will give the output for all 'Does Not Work for Me' action taken across campaigns.

The Audit Trail Column stores the new owner data.



    campaign.campaign_name AS Campaign,
    c.CERT_NAME AS 'Certification Name',
    u.username AS 'Certifier User Name',
    cu.username AS 'Username',
        WHEN cus.certified = 2 THEN 'Works For Me'
        WHEN cus.certified = 3 THEN 'Does Not Work For Me'
        WHEN cus.certified = 4 THEN 'Terminated'
    END AS 'Employment Status',
    cus.audittrail AS 'Audit Trail',
    cus.updatedate AS 'Updated Date'
        INNER JOIN
    certification c ON c.campaignkey =
        INNER JOIN
    users u ON u.userkey = c.certifier
        INNER JOIN
    certification_user_status cus ON cus.certkey = c.certkey
        INNER JOIN
    certification_user cu ON cu.cert_userkey = cus.cert_userkey
    cus.certified = 3;


You can incorporate the above query in a dashboard view too.