"delegate" and "do not disturb delegate" field in User attributes

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We can create/updates delegates via Setup Delegates as self service screen. 

Delegate data in the user attributes is duplicate data (MOst of the time is blank and is not updated on setup delegates. And the users are allowed to setup more than one delegates, than how this information is csv? Is that still used or reminant of old schema ? 

Also, is there any use of "Do not disturb delegate" field in user profile, I mean adds kind of complexity or the rather simpler delegate functionality. There is the global configuration around this, than are we saying it is customizable per delegate ? And is it ON/OFF as I find it is accepts users as field data. Please explain the usage of this field.


All in all we had simpler delegate functionality with just setup delegates that satisfies most requirements. Request to help with the details of this additional field




Delegate : https://docs.saviyntcloud.com/bundle/EIC-User-v2020x/page/Content/13-mang-delg/ars-crea-delg.htm


The Do not disturb delegate option in EIC allows a logged-in user to select another delegate user to whom all emails are redirected, on behalf of the logged-in user.

Enabling the "Do not Disturb Delegate" option 

You can enable the Do not Disturb Delegate option from the ARS Global Configurations page from Admin > Configurations > Global Configurations > Common > Show Top Navigation Link  section. (If you are using 5.5.X and later versions, you can enable the Do Not Disturb Delegate option from Admin > Global Configurations > Preferences > Profile Menu.

When you check the option, The Mute Email option in the User Profile will be hidden and the logged-in user does not receive any emails, all emails are redirected to the delegate user of the logged-in user. To Set up a delegate user, please see Managing Delegations.


You can also set up the same configuration for Do not disturb delegate from the User Details tab in Admin module from Admin  > User List > View users > User Detail > Do not disturb delegate.

Example Usecase for Do not Disturb Delegate Functionality

Suppose there is an admin user who does not wish to receive emails for some time and wants to redirect his emails to another user (delegate user). Now, this admin user can select the delegate user name and configure the Do not disturb delegate functionality in EIC as mentioned in the preceding section. When this configuration is complete, all the emails that come to the admin user are redirected to the delegate user. The admin user does not receive any emails as the Do not disturb delegate functionality is configured.


If a user has configured Do not disturb delegate, the request approvals raised after this configuration are routed to the delegate user ( and not to the parent user). The delegate user who is configured can be viewed from the Assignee field in the Request Approval page.




Do Not Disturb Delegate

Use this setting to hide the Mute Email option in the User Profile menu.

  • ON: Redirects the emails to the delegated user.

  • OFF: Displays the Mute Email option in the user profile menu.




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