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Provision Entitlement to account along with creation of tickets

New Contributor
New Contributor


We have a requirement where we have two steps process to provision entitlement to Account

1. Assign membership to account
2. Inform application team with ticket.

We have a REST connector for the application, so what we have done in ConnectionJSON, we have created two instance of connection, and in AddAccess JSON we are making two calls with two different connection.

However, what we have observed, Saviynt is always invoking only one call and skipping the second one. After doing multiple tried with different approach, we come into conclusion that since both call using two different connection, Saviynt behavior is to ignore the second call. Although when we have tested with same connection to both api calls it is invoking both the calls properly.

Can someone confirm the observation? Is there any configuration that we are missing or its defect in the product?


Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

I think the calls should work as long we are referring to the corresponding calls from the connection json in the add access json. Are the entitlement types different for the entitlements that you are trying to add as membership and create ticket? Can you share the json bodies