Problems with Access Import from SuccessFactors

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New Contributor II
When we try to import access from SuccessFactors in our Saviynt production environment, the job runs for around 2.5 hours, then just disappears. In the job history, there is no end date afterwards and no other details about the job that has run.
We have the same job in our Saviynt development environment to the same SF instance, and here this job runs fine, around 3 hours, but with end date and success.
The ImportAccountEntJSON of both connections (prod and dev) are the same.
I was not able to find an error in the log files, especially since I don't know the exact time of when that job suddenly stops running. Any way to debug this?


Following are the few points , if you can verify :

1. ConnectionJSON : What is the oAuth Type? Make sure you Map the auth error and token refresh path properly.

2. ImportAccountEntJSON : validate accountThresholdValue value

3. Can you update ConfigJSON param in the REST connection with value {"showLogs":true} 

and look for the below 2 keywords in the logs. This will help indicate what the issue could be.

Calling Webservice Url

Got Webservice API Response


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