PII not erased

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Hello everyone.

I would like to ask you about PII elimination.

I am currently trying to create Analytics and Job to erase PII but without success.
When I look at Analytics History, Action is still Open, so I suspect that setting Default_Action_For_Analytics is not working.

By the way, PIIERASURESTATUS does not seem to be in a condition that can be set, so I removed it from the condition.

Here is the SQL query in Analytics:. (The user I want to erase appears in Preview.)
SELECT userKey, PIIERASURESTATUS, 'personallyIdentifiableInformationErasure' as Default_Action_For_Analytics FROM users WHERE (ENDDATE < NOW() - INTERVAL 180 DAY OR TERMDATE < NOW() - INTERVAL 180 DAY) AND STATUSKEY != 1

What is wrong with my procedure to perform PII cleanup?




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @JohnDoe , We are checking on this. We will keep you posted. 

Hi @JohnDoe, I tried replicating the same and it is not working as expected. Seems there is a bug. Could you please raise a support ticket for this, and our team will look into it.