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password of a user created from UI

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New Contributor

Hello everyone,

1. I have a simple question: how do I get the password of a user created via the UI? Does the user not initially have a password to connect to Saviynt (to request access, for example)? The L100 self-paced training says that the password is generated randomly based on the password policies, but I can't see where it's stored in the database or how I can access it. The only way I found is to reset it from the admin function, but this is not useful when you have too many users.

2. When I have a CSV file that contains information about users for a disconnected application, and I have a column that contains passwords that I want to assign to each user (because I can't find the initially generated random password for each user created in the first question), how can I do this assignment?

The password I'm talking about is the password to connect to Saviynt, not to an application.



New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi @saviynt2 

The password is stored in a encypted format in the database so you cannot retrieve it in plain text. 

2. You can use a simple csv file to upload the user with username and the password column, wont this serve the purpose to use to login for the users? 

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Valued Contributor

Hi @saviynt2 ,

The initially generated password is not retrievable from the database. 

You can create passwords using the create user request page as is mentioned in the below link:

Solved: New User Password - Saviynt Forums - 2427

For notifying users, you'll need to create a User scope password policy but it again involved resetting the passwords via admin function.

For setting local passwords in bulk (from the disconnected app metadata), can you try uploading a csv file containing the username and password fields, and make sure that on the upload, uncheck the "Expire Password for New User"



Uploading Users using File Based Method (saviyntcloud.com)




Md Armaan Zahir

  • Whenever user is created password is stored in password column of users which can't be retrieved from data analyzer as confidential information.
  • You can use rest api to reset user's password to default and send communication. 


Rushikesh Vartak
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