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Pagination not working for ADP REST connector

New Contributor
New Contributor

I am working on the ADP integration guide -


I have been able to import the first 100 users however I have not been able to get anything beyond that. 





"totalCountPath": "meta.totalNumber"

When I run the same API in postman it returns 1780 as the totalNumber.  I have tried to put that in manually but the same results.  The first 100 users are imported and then it completes.  



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

You can refer to the below REST guide to check for different examples of pagination and based on the api response of the call, you can construct the logic.

Also since this is a REST integration, you can update ConfigJSON param in the connection with value {"showLogs":true}.
This will enable additional logging and may help to identify the cause.