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Pagination Issue REST connector

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

We are using below ImportAccountEntJSON in our REST connector but after running the Application Data Import (Single Threaded) we are getting maximum 500 records. Looks like there is some issue with the pagination. please assist.

"accountParams": {
"connection": "acctAuth",
"processingType": "SequentialAndIterative",
"call": {
"call1": {
"callOrder": 0,
"stageNumber": 0,
"http": {
"url": "",
"httpHeaders": {
"Authorization": "${access_token}"
"httpContentType": "application/json",
"httpMethod": "POST",
"httpParams": "{\"responsefields\":[\"username\"],\"userQuery\":\"statuskey = 1\"}"
"listField": "userdetails",
"keyField": "accountID",
"colsToPropsMap": {
"accountID": "username~#~char",
"name": "username~#~char"
"pagination": {
"offset": {
"offsetParam": "offset",
"batchParam": "max",
"batchSize": 1000,
"totalCountPath": "totalcount"


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @vermark 

The json looks correct, can you keep the batchsize as 500 and totalacountpath as  high number ( ex: 999999). 

Also if you call via postman max column allows you to get 500 data in one call, you can increase this upto 5000 as well in the config table if you need )

you can check the value by this sql: select configdata from configuration where name = 'Ws_max_records_returned'. if this is 500 then use the custom query job to get it updated to 5000 and then try to call the Api via postman keeping max as 5000 you will be able to 5000 data in one call and then you can put the batch size accordingly.