Pagination Issue in Oracle Fusion Cloud API: API accepts only 1-indexed offset

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

We are trying to reconcile the Fusion Cloud Accounts using the API:

https://<endpoint url>/hcmRestApi/scim/Users/
- We want to fetch 500 records per page.
This API accepts query parameters 'startIndex' and 'count' for pagination. The issue is startIndex uses 1-based index.
We have tried the below methods for pagination:

1). Offset based:

"pagination": {
"offset": {
"offsetParam": "startIndex",
"batchParam": "count",
"firstPageNumber": 1,
"batchSize": 500,
"totalCountPath": 30045


For the above we are getting the error: 

Error - to Import Data correctly: Failed
url-https://<endpoint url>/hcmRestApi/scim/Users/?startIndex=0&count=500 with
Error Message-{ "Errors" : [ { "description"
: "The value for startIndex isn't valid.
(ASE-4335082)", "code" : "400" } ] }

Since, this API used 1-based index we are getting the above error.

2). nextUrl Based:


"pagination": {
                    "nextUrl": {
                        "nextUrlPath": "${response?.objectList?.size()>0?'https://<endpoint url>/hcmRestApi/scim/Users/?startIndex='+Math.addExact(response.completeResponseMap.startIndex,response.completeResponseMap.itemsPerPage)+'&count=500':null}"
- For the above we are not getting any error message but only 500 accounts are being reconciled.
- Is there any alternate way we can use to frame the pagination logic?. Please guide us.

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Rushikesh,

The target supports only 1-index based offset. But Saviynt expects offset to be 0 based. This is what is causing the error and we are not able to reconcile all the accounts.

I am attaching some screenshots for reference.

Any help is appreciated.




Then it may be defect follow saviynt freshdesk route