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oracle unified directory Attributes as managed entitlements

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hi Team,

Using LDAP connector we are going to onboard oracle unified directory application. Can we achieve the below scenarios?

1. LDAP Attributes as managed entitlements, i.e. we have 10 attributes which are needs to be managed as entitlement in Saviynt.

2. Another scenario is they have multiple object classes with different set of attributes associated with their respective attributes. Can we manage these custom object classes as a managed entitlement in Saviynt along with their attributes. Like if a user needs a specific application in OUD we need to add the respective object class and their attributes, which will provide access the application. 

I'm not sure whether object class and their attributes can be managed as entitlement.  Can we pass object class on update account? I saw it needs to be part of account creation process only. 




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Each user attribute holds different values for each individual user. This will not work and user attribute objects cannot be imported as Entitlements in Saviynt.