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Oracle ERP Role Import Process - Details Needed

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello Team,

We are integrating Oracle ERP System with Saviynt. We want Import the Oracle ERP Job roles, Duty roles, privileges and Security context.

As per the Recommendation from Saviynt in connector guide, we are trying to import the fine grained access  -  roles using file based import.

Here Oracle ERP will give us the reports files needed for import

As per saviynt. 

1. An external jar job will execute and download the files from box to the saviynt location - how this jar will download from box. It has to connect to the server where the files are uploaded. How this process will be done.  

Does this jar has the ability to use credentials configured in Oracle ERP connector to connect to the Oracle ERP system to download the reports?

If not how it will connect to a particular location and download the reports.

These things were not mentioned in the connector guide.

Our client team generating these reports and placing in a shared drive location.

2. There is a stored procedure to create the below tables. Saviynt is suggesting to use Custom Query job to execute this stored procedure.  But this custom query job is deprecated and there is only enhanced query job. this will execute only one single select statement (insert/update). But where as the stored procedure contains multiple queries. So is there a way to achieve this in single job.

• parent_to_child (Job Role to Duty Role)
• child_to_privilege (Duty Role to Privilege)
• parent_to_privilege (Job Role to Privilege)


3. Stored process directly updating Roleburst table but am not sure how this roleburst table created. Is it created through the external jar. These details were not mentioned. How this stored procedure read the data from files and will insert into the above mentioned 3 tables. 

this si also not clear in the document.


Can some one help us in clearing the above doubts and to implement the role import process in a good approach using the above.

We are using v23.8

attached the connector guide link  and documentation pdf.





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @sreehariv,

Please refer the below document 


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