OOTB Dashboards and Dashboard Suggestions

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have a relatively new Saviynt implementation, and we are trying to dig into the dashboards side of things.

Currently our environment has no OOTB dashboards to assign to the SAV Roles and this doc discusses there being OOTB dashboards:

Does anyone happen to know where to find these or what the dashboard configs should be?

Also does anyone have some good starter dashboards that they find helpful in the day to day with Saviynt?


Thank you!




Refer link to create dashboard manually or place file on server to load dashboard in saviynt a OOTB

Configuring Campaign Dashboards

The dashboards are configured using the Upgrade Job. It fetches the details from the dashboards table and updates the Attestation tab > Dashboard section. The dashboard values are fetched from the JSON file. Also, these dashboard/charts are associated with SAV Role - ROLE_ADMIN.

To configure a campaign dashboard, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the campaign dashboard related latest JSON file for the Release 5.4.0 or request your Saviynt POC (Point of Contact).
  2. Create new dashboards folder in the following location and save the JSON file:

    JSON File Naming Convention

    Ensure that the JSON file-name stored in below path is exactly mentioned as 'campaignOtbDashboards.json'. If the file name specified is not 'campaignOtbDashboards.json', an error will be displayed.

    • C:\saviynt\Conf\

  3. The following is the content of <.JSON> file:

We are on v2021 and don't have access to the server. Would creating them manually be the only option in this case?

You can raise saviynt FD Ticket to place file on server sharing link else create manually