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On-boarding Bots and managing their lifecycle and password in Saviynt

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

There is a need to ensure that the organization's security posture is maintained and that all compliance guidelines and regulations are met. The need to govern the lifecycle of non-human accounts (creation, updates, and retirement) is paramount. Likewise, strong security requires that the firm not just be able to identify these accounts, but understand what data they have access to and certify them periodically. 

A centralized RPA team will create Bots in Saviynt for various uses based on requests received from various IT teams. The bots must be requestable across various services / apps simultaneously.

What is the best way of creating these Bots in Saviynt? Would creating them as users and having the owners assigned as managers be the best fit or would the service account module be the best fit for creating and managing Bot lifecycle?



Service account will be good approach for bot as user can leave organization but ownership of service account can be managed.

Rushikesh Vartak
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TO manage Bot kind of Identity i have used organization concept. and for other identity types other organization.

Manish Kumar
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