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Office 365 connector parameters

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

What are the O365 DOMAIN and SharePoint_DOMAIN values here? Where do we get it from?


Please explain where we get these values.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Saviynt_Savvy 

Please refer to the below documentation and forum links for more understanding of the O365 integration steps and parameters. O365 domain and SharePoint domain you need to check from your O365 account which you are integrating. Please refer the Microsoft documentation for the same.

Solved: How to retrieve Tenant ID for SharePoint for Offic... - Saviynt Forums - 52078

Office365 connector url - Saviynt Forums - 36777

Additionally, you can follow the steps from the O365 connector documentation.

Creating an Integration (

Dhruv Sharma
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