Not able to delete Entitlements of child Role.

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We have created a Role (A) which contains child role B and C and have assigned the role A to a user when the condition City contains "BBSR", it will grant the role A and the child entitlements associated with it.


But when the city name is updated, it removes the Role A, but it does not remove the entitlements of the child role in Accounts,

Is there any way we could work on this.

Thanks in advance.



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Please clarify - Role A has B and C as entitlements associated within Role A 


Role A has a set of entitlements and there are other Child roles B and C which have their own entitlements which aren't getting removed?


I am assuming that you have assigned roles directly via CSV files - which is not the correct practice. 

You should ideally use the Request For Multi user Tile and use the bulk upload option to load the roles for the users. 



Did you use associated entitlement or entitlement map ?

Thank you @rushikeshvartakrushikeshvartak  @KirtiAjrot 

I simply associated entitlements B1 and B2 to the Role B and similarly C1 and C2 to the Role C and I do not have any entitlement associated with parent Role.

So the Parent Role A has two child Roles B and C which i added from UI under "Groups" tab of enterprise role.

Roles B and C have entitlements.

In the birthright rule i have assigned Role A with a particular condition. When the condition is true Role A is being assigned to the user and tasks are created to provision entitlement B1, B2 and C1, C2.

But when the condition is false the tasks are not getting created to remove the above entitlements instead it is deleting the Parent Role 'A' only.


Child roles won't be removed as those are not directly assigned to account.


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@rushikeshvartak When I remove the parent role .. it does remove the parent role and the task is generated to remove the entitlements associated with child roles .. but the tasks are failing with error like below: 

"entitlement 46505 is assigned via another role 10 not present in delete request, hence cannot be removed" 

This is happening because the child role is mentioned in "ASSIGNEDFROMROLES" column under table "account_entitlements1" for the entitlements assigned by child role. 

How can I go around with this. This is completely defying the usability of parent-child role usability. Ideally if child role is not assigned directly .. everything associated with child role should be linked with assignment of parent role. 

Is this a bug? 

This functionality changed over each release if its not working as expected raise bug. we also noticed that this changed after every release.

sometime child role entitlement having parent rolekey some release not etc