need information on Saviynt SC2.0 connector.

New Contributor
New Contributor
Can you please assist here on the below asks 
  1. Is there any firewall requirement when we install SC2.0 between Saviynt and Newmont. ? 
  2.  SC2.0 servers is there any Saviynt service running ?
    3. which mandatory services are required to run from Saviynt standpoint for SC2.0
    disabled. (This is from Newmont Linux team ask)
We upgraded openvpn on our Prod servers.
As its breakfix and service is stopped. Is the service required? If not can it be disabled?
Can you please assist here?
Thanks in Advance 

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@kbandi the only port that you need to open is outbound 443 port from the server on which SC2 client is installed so that it can communicate with Saviynt server.

Once the sc2 client is successfully configured then you should see openvpn service running on the server.