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Need information how to provision multiple group if we select single group from ARS

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi All,

Need information how to provision multiple AD  group if we select single group from ARS based on that single group we have some other dependent group that needs to provision when we select those single group.

As an example I am selecting A group from ars and that A group have some other dependent group like X group and Y group. Our use case is that If I select A group from ARS then X and Y group also provision in AD.All groups are AD group. 

I tried using role.I created one role and under that role I attach the dependent groups from entitlement tab and I added that role in the specific group under other entitlement details tab but it is not provisioning the dependent group it is only provisioning the single group which group I am selecting from ARS.

Can anyone suggest me how can I achieve the above scenario.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@mollasiraj - I can think of the following ways to solve this use-case.

1. Use Application Roles to provision multiple groups - create roles which match the name as Group-A for the AD group. Add the AD groups A, X and Y in the same Application Role. Let the user request for the groups via Application Roles. 

2. Use Entitlement Map - Using entitlement maps you can add the additional entitlements which you want to provision. So you can add the AD group X and Y into the Entitlement map in AD group A. 


3. Another way could be to use Actionable analytics - if you can determine using a SQL query that which other groups are supposed to be provisioned when a specific entitlement is provisioned, then you may want to use analytics to assign the other AD groups.