Need help troubleshooting REST connection between Saviynt and Thycotic

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New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble establishing a REST connection between Saviynt and Thycotic. I've successfully logged into our Thycotic tenant using an admin account, but when I try to connect from the Saviynt side, I receive the following error message:

"Error While Test connection: Connection Failed"

I'm not sure what I'm missing or where the problem lies. Could anyone provide a checklist of possible root causes that I should investigate? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are on Saviynt v2020.1.

Thank you!


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Hello @Dlamini ,

It is recommended to check the configuration settings and ensure that the authentication type is set correctly. Please also verify that the 
API endpoint URL, credentials, and other parameters are correct and also check that the Thycotic API is enabled. Make sure that the Thycotic API is enabled in your Thycotic tenant.
Can you confirm if the above connection working from Postman?